August 13, 2021

Memorable events biking around San Francisco

A giant bee/bug bouncing off of sunglasses at high speed.

A kid on a skateboard looking me up and down before smiling and giving me a thumbs up.

Getting soaked by water splashing off a freeway overpass above.

The street-side band playing along Valencia on a warm night.

Catcalls from people?? Ok!

Chatting with a guy in Golden Gate Park with the same bike as me.

The sudden and very scary pressure spurts from Muni buses.

June 29, 2021

iPhone security 2020: Every. Damn. Time.

May 31, 2021

[ Tree here ] - Mission District, SF

Photo of a sidewalk with painted brackets around "Tree here" stencil
May 15, 2021

Desktop circa 2007

I found this gem digging through old files recently. It's a screenshot from my Dell laptop while I was in a dorm room at the University of Vermont, around 2007. Talk about a blast from the past.

Screenshot of a Windows desktop, showing AOL Instant Messanger at the far right

I'm so happy I kept this screenshot. It's a little time capsule that shows a former relationship with my computer. Fun things to note:

  • I was pretty proud of this fancy Windows skin I found, the name of which I can't remember. I always loved the flexibility and customization capable with PCs, and was very vocal about the pros and cons of each Windows OS. :eyeroll:
  • Designed random logos and such with Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and good ol' Paint. Loved Paint.
  • Managed email through a non-web-based Mozilla Thunderbird. That didn't last long.
  • AOL Instant Messenger! But here, I ran messages through an app called Pigdin. Can't remember why I preferred it over AIM. You can see my away message is me complaining about some way my PC is failing me. Avatar is Luigi–still a fan.
  • This was the hay day of managing a local MP3 music library through iTunes and my iPod. I downloaded albums illegally through Azureus Vuze (a torrent downloader) and managed through iTunes with everything neatly organized on an external hard drive. Used iDump for iPod things (forget exactly what it did). Though life is so much better with Spotify, I sometimes miss my iPod. It's still in a box upstairs.
  • Skype! My computer didn't have a built-in webcam (or Photo Booth) like the new Macbooks my friends had. Boooo.
  • PCs had viruses! Used this thing called Spybot pretty regularly for malware. Don't know why/if this was really needed.
  • Not sure what that OT44 is in the bottom right. 🤔 Gotta look that up.
May 11, 2021


A Macbook Pro laptop sitting next to an Apple monitor, showing various app windows laid out

This is the window arrangement I've been using for a long time now, probably ever since I got a second display.

Main tasks and work usually happens on the big Apple monitor, with secondary messaging apps on the laptop screen. I have two instances of Chrome open–juggling Web traffic on my two Google accounts (work and personal). Believe it or not, I'm pretty diligent in choosing which browser to use when surfing the Web.

When in use, all work-specific production apps (Adobe, Sketch, Figma, Google things, etc.) occupy the full screen of the big Apple monitor. I usually close Messages (and sometimes Slack) when doing heads-down work to minimize distractions.

This layout has been serving me well because no one window is 100% obscured by another. Also, having Slack bumped out a bit from the right screen edge allows me see files as they save to the desktop (they're added top to bottom). Though I mainly use the big monitor, I intentionally set the laptop as the main screen to make this happen.