Ongoing work

Logo design

If you're a prospective client of mine, welcome! This space is meant to showcase my history and experience in logo design.

Apart from a couple classes in college, everything I've learned about logo and graphic design is self-taught. My mother studied graphic design when I was a kid, and introduced me to the software she used—Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro, and the Adobe Creative Suite. Since then, I've been experimenting with shape, typography, and negative space designing for friends and family.

Given this, I continue to do logo/brand design on the side. Full time I design software—digital product design, user experience, interaction design, UI design (see Work). I promise I have talent in logo design but it's not something I do daily nor am I a professional. 😇 This is the disclaimer I always tell prospective clients.

Freelance projects

Though logo and brand design is more of a hobby, I try to keep the passion alive through side projects with a small network of clients, family, and friends.

Below is a sample of recent freelance work.

A logo graphic showing WH with a stylized graphic wheel circle thing between the letters. Graphic is in white placed on a pink orange gradient background.A logo graphic reading The Rustic Barnhouse in stylized type sitting inside a light blue barn outline. A cow on a weathervane sits on top.A graphic showing repeating lines of type at 45 degree angles all reading "Sexy Legs On Pedals" on a dark background. Most are dark gray except one that's light pink.A logo graphic that reads CANCER FIGHTERS, including elements of a flame and a bicycle.A logo graphic reading The Queer SLP in white type on a black background. The "Q" in queer is styled like a speech balloon filled with a rainbow stripe pattern.A logo graphic reading RIDE FOR AMERICA, 9-11 FIRE VELO. Elements include starts, the USA flag, silhouettes of the twin towers, and a firefighter shield.A logo graphic reading Turning Pointe Physical Therapy in white on a dark purple background.A logo graphic reading Fruit Punch in pink bubbly type with an orange peel behind and to the top right.A logo graphic that reads Small Strides Physical Therapy in white type on a blue background. The words are in all lowercase and the two L's in small are tilted to look like little legs.A simple logo graphic reading Blake Mitchell Consulting, in a serif font all lowercase. The dot over the "i" acts as the period for the word "Blake".

Personal branding experiments

It seems that every designer has attempted to create a personal mark—some more successfully than others. Though sometimes overused, a personal monogram can be a great way to set yourself apart from the crowded field of designers.

I’ve always loved to play with letter forms and shapes. I’ve been experimenting with various expressions and combinations of my initials since I created my first avatar for AOL Instant Messenger (too embarrassing to feature here, I’m afraid).

Below is a select sampling of personal brand expressions from over the many years.

A black JC monogram on a white background.A black JC monogram on a white background.A black JC monogram on a white background.A black JW monogram on a white background.A black JW monogram on a white background.A black JW monogram on a white background.A black JW monogram on a white background.A black JW monogram on a white background.
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