December 29, 2018

All Dolled Up™️ – the worldwide sensation

Me presenting the rules at the holiday edition of All Dolled Up™️.

I’m lucky enough to have a very creative group of friends. They include architects, drag queens, jewelry designers, club kids, illustrators, hippies, and sound mixers. They are constantly raising the bar with new ways to express their creativity. The phrase “going out” has taken on a new meaning since being among them.

In 2018, inspired by these wonderful people, I brought an idea to life that was bouncing around in my head for a few months.

The Ingredients: A love of fashion, makeup, dolls, and arts and crafts.

The Result: All Dolled Up™️! 🎉

Think of it as Project Runway with Barbie dolls. (Yes, amazing I know.)

The format

GIF of a Project Runway judge greeting the designers.


Designers were tasked with creating a complete one-of-a-kind, jaw-dropping look for one of 10 models that were randomly assigned the night of the competition. The look needed to feature one or more pieces of new clothing, created by them and presented at a closing runway show (of sorts).

Designers were required to make best use of the materials provided while adhering to an overall theme (revealed just prior to competition). Constraints created by the assigned theme and time limit tested designers' ingenuity while showcasing their personal fashion design aesthetic.

Model assigment

Models were randomly assigned to designers by picking numbers out of a hat. The number they chose mapped to one of 20 models on display at the front of the room.

Models were assigned to designers by picking a number out of a hat and matching it to this display.
The models displayed on the left and right of the logo on the TV.


Three critically-acclaimed fashion judges* scrutinized each look for mastery of fashion design, storytelling, and creativity. Each designer received scores based on wearability, innovation, construction, styling, and adherence to theme. After scores were totaled, the designer with the highest overall score was awarded the crown and the coveted title of:

Animated GIF that reads "America's Next Top Fashion Doll Superstar"

* I recruited three semi-well-qualified fashion-forward friends of mine to be judges. I had them create fun bios that were sent to the contestants a few weeks before the competition. 😅

Designers were given up to five points in each of the four categories totaling to 20 points from each judge. Judges tabulated scores using the following score sheets (custom-branded of course).

Custom branded scorecards featured the four categories: Wearability, Innovation, Styling, and Adherence to Theme.


  • Designers were required to bring their own tools to the competition. These included things like hot glue guns, scissors, thread, tape, etc.
  • No sewing machines were allowed.
  • No wigs were allowed.
  • No outside fabric or accessories allowed. One of the constraints was working with an unknown shared quantity of materials.
  • Designers had 60 minutes to create the look.
Rupaul saying “Gentlemen start your engines and may the best woman win!”

All Dolled Up™️ Season 1

Photo showing lots of people in a small apartment living room getting ready for the competition
A grid showing the 10 Barbie finalists in their crafted looks, with the winner in the middle

All Dolled Up™️ Holiday Edition

Naked Barbies all posing in front of a TV that reads "DesignMap Presents: All Dolled Up Holiday Edition"
A grid showing the 10 Barbie finalists in their crafted looks, with the winner in the middle
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