June 24, 2018

An LGBTQ timeline for Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

I consider myself very fortunate to work at a company where I am free to be myself. At DesignMap, I am one of a small queer gang of four. We call ourselves QueerMap. :)

When we discussed how to celebrate Pride Month in 2018, we expectedly heard the usual suggestions of rainbow flags and the like. Feeling this symbol (though important) is often overused, we decided to do something a little different.

For Pride Month I designed a timeline of LGBTQ history in the US, covering landmark events in the gay rights movement. We displayed it in the studio during Pride Month where people could view, learn, and reflect on how far our country has come of queer people. When you see this century-long rollercoaster of social progress, you can’t help but feel proud. We’ve been bringing it back every year since!

You can download a copy of the timeline here.

Printing the 42 x 80 inch LGBT timeline on our studio Plotter.
We displayed the timeline where people could sit, learn, and reflect.
The timeline displays major events in the gay rights movement.
A colleague and I sit and view the LGBT timeline.
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